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Client Case Study

Jared & Lilly
Young, Successful Entrepreneurs

                Jared and Lilly had successfully started a business but were at a point where they did not have enough time to plan their personal finances alongside running a business. They were very organized, but there was still room for improvement. Like many, Jared and Lilly were incredibly busy. They chose to make their family and children a priority, serve on boards, be involved in church, and be active members in their community. Even though their finances were going well, there were still several ways to better align their resources with personal values. We assisted them in many areas, which included:

Cash Flow Management

  • Prioritized which business and personal debts to pay off while creating amortization schedules to compare the differences in different payoff dates.
  • Advised doing a cash-out refinance on their current home mortgage to lock in a lower rate than their current mortgage and pay off another higher rate personal loan.
  • Worked with their banker to refinance and improve their business loans and the loan rates.


  • Completed a gap analysis on their current life insurance policies and discovered alternatives to increase coverage while reducing premiums.
  • Reviewed other employer-sponsored insurance benefits to help decide whether to continue offering benefits.

Investment Allocation

  • Adjusted investment allocation to better align with Jared & Lilly’s interests.
  • Provided discretionary and ongoing management of Jared & Lilly’s assets through an investment advisory relationship.

Education Savings

  • Assisted in creating 529 accounts for state tax deduction that the client was eligible for due to their K-12 tuition expenses.
  • Set up accounts to help Jared & Lilly’s children establish a pattern of saving.

Tax Planning Strategies

  • Increased contributions of Jared & Lilly’s retirement account to defer taxes on additional income and to help keep their income below the higher tax bracket.
  • Restructured owner compensation to take less income through wages and more through dividend distributions to save on FICA taxes.
  • Discussed future potential business purchases and how to account for depreciation.

We regularly review progress towards goals, adjust plans as life unfolds, and work with what is best for the client. Most importantly, Integrated Financial Planning, Inc. focuses on financial planning so that Jared & Lilly can focus on what they do best: run their successful business.


Disclaimer: This information is not intended as specific tax or legal advice. Details of the situation were modified to protect the identity of the clients.