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Episode 6: Senator Randy Feenstra


Executive Summary

My guest on today’s podcast is Senator Randy Feenstra, who is currently serving his third term as the Iowa Senator for District 2 and serves on several committees.  Among other prominent committee responsibilities, he is serving as the Chair of the Ways and Means Committee, which plays a significant role in determining tax policy.  What’s fascinating about Senator Feenstra’s story is his transition from the private business sector to the government domain.  What he quickly learned through that transition is that certain areas of government do not always function at the same speed and efficiency as the private sector.

In this episode, we talk about how Senator Feenstra continued his own education to seek opportunities to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of government.  We cover some of the challenges in determining what is truly in the best interest of his constituency, versus what the vocal minority and lobbyists are promoting.  We also discuss some of the difficulties of operating as a minority party vs. the responsibility of being in the majority.  Senator Feenstra gives his opinion of what it means to be a servant leader and how he is seeking to positively engage Christians in all areas of life, including government, through his teaching position at Dordt College.  We conclude the interview with Senator Feenstra’s definition of success and the importance of each person finding his or her purpose and calling.

I hope you enjoy this episode of the IMPACT Podcast!

Highlights from this episode:

  • A typical day as a State Senator [4:02]
  • What led Randy to become involved in government [6:08]
  • “That’s why I’m in the Senate. It’s about policy; it’s not about politics.  It’s all about how we can have better government and a better way of doing things in our state to help society…” [7:03]
  • The difference of operating in the minority party vs. the majority and priorities for the upcoming session [12:36]
  • “It’s all about servant leadership. Watching and learning through others and trying to do the best we can to make a better society.” [20:27]
  • Finding our purpose and calling to passionately pursue a positive impact [20:46]

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